Martijn Siebrand

Manager Digital Assets at Strategy & Innovation

Martijn has been working in the finance industry since 2007. From 2014 and onwards always on the topic of financial innovation. In 2015 he initiated a Dutch research consortium with 16 companies to explore what benefits blockchains could bring for supply chain finance solutions. Since then Martijn has been involved in projects with blockchain, finance and supply chains. In 2020 Martijn started to work at ABN AMRO Bank in the digital assets team. First he was the lead for the project Pyctor to build a decentralized vault for security tokens together with ten other financial institutions. In 2020 ABN AMRO Bank started initiatives to develop security tokens, Martijn is the initiative lead for the project: Security Tokenization. After a secondary trade on the EIB Bond on public Ethereum ABN AMRO Bank issued a tokenized security for their midcorp client APOC on a public blockchain. The last issuance was a digital green bond for Vesteda also on a public blockchain. Martijn is responsible to connect with the ecosystem of digital assets and to see what companies could bring value to ABN AMRO’s Digital Asset strategy. Part of the role is also to educate colleagues about the digital asset topic, for this we do demo’s trainings and presentations. Martijn is part of several working groups related to digital assets, is a mentor for ABN AMRO & Techstars Future of Finance Digital Assets and board member of 2Tokens.