Jeremy Sheridan

Managing Director
FTI Consulting

Jeremy A. Sheridan is an expert in digital currencies, financial crime investigation, blockchain and smart contracts. Mr. Sheridan supports all of FTI Consulting’s cryptocurrency workstreams, with his focus on digital asset investigations and expert testimony for digital asset-based cases. He deploys strategies for validating assets under custody (“AUC”), routinely evaluates the technological and operational soundness of potential targets in diligence and develops investigative strategies to identify the flow of funds and assign attribution to end-user accounts.

In addition to Mr. Sheridan’s work on digital assets and blockchain, he leads large-scale engagements for clients in data governance and data privacy, supports digital asset forensic operations and directs fraud investigative teams.

Mr. Sheridan has led private sector digital asset business in regulatory strategy, policy and procedures, representing client bases in proactive engagements to include building trusted relationships with government officials and organizations to communicate regulatory successes, provide recommendations, identify impacts of potential regulatory decisions and develop new approaches in anticipation of the evolving regulatory landscape. He has identified compliance gaps created by new regulatory actions. He has coordinated Compliance and Legal entities to evaluate the adequacy and effectiveness of internal controls relating to regulatory risks in accordance with audit methodology and established risk assessment frameworks.