Danyaal Shah

Group Head of Corporate Development & Partnerships
Alta Group

Danyaal is the Group Head of Corporate Development & Partnerships at Alta Group (previously Fundnel) where he oversees and manages strategic initiatives. Alta Group is Southeast Asia’s largest digital marketplace for alternative assets.

Danyaal has over 15 years of experience holding senior executive positions at bulge-bracket investment banks and blue-chip FinTech / Technology companies. Prior to joining Alta, Danyaal was the Group Head of M&A, Strategy & Corporate Development at FNZ Group. Prior to FNZ, Danyaal spent over a decade holding senior roles in mergers & acquisitions (M&A) and corporate finance advisory divisions at Barclays Investment Bank and HSBC.

Danyaal also holds Non-executive Director positions on the Boards of several UK companies. He is also a frequent panellist at various industry seminars and university events at Oxford, Cambridge and Imperial College London. Danyaal earned his MBA and M.Eng. from Imperial College London and is a CFA charter holder.